Evan Fugazzi at Gross McCleaf

Taken within the context of contemporary art, Evan Fugazzi's paintings are unabashedly, emphatically, confrontationally beautiful. They're minimal in a way that speaks to a distillation of knowledge, though at times they read like experiments with limited variables. Throughout, the incidental and accidental take on a lead role.

I imagine Fugazzi troweling the paint over white-primed canvas. The luminous stains hearken to a history of glazing with oil paint, but the undiluted Flashe has its own, highly pigmented game. Even when opaque, the paint can flatten, make itself immaterial. "Pure color" plays against the thicker drips, slops, and carving that make the paint a physical thing. 

Evan Fugazzi,  Loom , acrylic on linen, 43.25 x 70.875 inches, image:

Evan Fugazzi, Loom, acrylic on linen, 43.25 x 70.875 inches, image: